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Meet Shanita

CEO of Press'd Beauty Bar, VA

Shanita Wilder is the CEO and sole owner of Press'd Beauty Bar, a full service intimate salon and​ spa located in thriving Bennet's Creek Suffolk, Virginia. Shanita has a host of talents as she balanced being a wife, mother and Navy Veteran. She prides herself in proving exceptional results in every aspect of her life with Press'd Beauty Bar is no different excelling in excellence with nail, skin, cosmetic and haircare services. 

Meet Morgan

CEO of Lusso Brands

Morgan Chavis is a proud native of Detroit, Hampton University alumna wife and mother. Morgan opened the doors at Lusso Salon, a luxury hair salon in Portsmouth, Virginia while simultaneously climbing the corporate ladder. After two years juggling as the CEO of Lusso Brands and a corporate Senior Manager she called it quits and put all bets on herself as a full time entrepreneur! She now owns and manages Lusso Salon, Lusso Extensions, Lusso Suites and her non- profit 501c3 organization, Lusso Gives Corp. 

Do what you love and you'll excel in it!


We all have an inner CEO, we just have to listen to her!

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